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Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0

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Product Description

Are you a cigar connoisseur who has a large collection of cigars? Do you have a large retail cigar display or a walk-in humidor that requires an effective and reliable electric humidification? If your cigar enclosure is greater than 10 cubic feet, the Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 is exactly what you are looking for. The days of damaged dried out cigars due to fluctuating humidity conditions are over. No more re-soaking your humidifiers and no more monitoring your humidor's humidity levels. The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 (previously called the Cigar Oasis XL II, Cigar Oasis II XL, Cigar Oasis Magna) completely displays humidity readings, controls and optimally maintains the humidity in your humidor so that your cigars stay fresh.

The newest version of the Cigar Oasis Magna (version 3.0) now implements microprocessor electronics to maintain and monitor humidity accurately and post it to an easy-to-read digital display. This display gives its user the ability to view humidity levels in real time and adjust the humidity control as needed through soft touch buttons. This display module is attached to a 6 foot extension that allows the user to mount it in a convenient location. Built-in flashing alerts tell you if humidity drops below a certain point for over two hours which indicates its reservoir is low on water or there is a major leak in the humidor.

Operation: The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 electronic humidifier features a unique sensor that accurately measures the humidity inside the humidor enclosure. When humidity drops below the preset value, the sensor sends a signal to trigger operation of a control fan that draws the air into the inlet vents of Oasis unit and directs the air into its water reservoir for "charging". The "moisturized" air is then emitted back into the humidor.

The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 electric humidifier has powerful control blower for greater air circulation ability & provides for ultra-fast humidity regulation within your humidor. Once the desired humidity level is reached, the sensor monitors and insures that the humidity stays fixed at that set level. If you open your humidor and the humidity drops below the set point, the Oasis sensor will power on the moisture fan to bring humidity levels back to the specified preset.

Wi-Fi capable: Each Magna has integrated (Wi-Fi) Smart Humidor® capability for remote monitoring & control (with Subscription)

The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 humidifier includes beads which are to be added into the Magna's water reservoir. The user must fill the water reservoir with distilled water only. Beads usually will last for 2-3 years and additional beads in sealed bags are available upon request.


Maintains 1,000-5,000+ cigars
Designed for large humidors, armories and cigar display cases measuring from 10-60 cubic feet
Unattended Sensor Activated Operation
Uses 100% distilled water without chemicals
Soft Touch Remote display with humidity setting controls
Display flashes when low on water
Built-in water reservoir is refillable
Set to maintain humidity at 70%
Adjustable humidity level from 60-80%
Built-in high output fan maintains uniform humidity levels
Transparent Base Allows for Easy Monitoring of Water Levels
Connect & Durable Micro-USB Power Cord Connection
Built-in Smart Humidor (Wi-Fi) technology for remote monitoring & control (with Subscription)
- Monitor & Adjust Settings of the Cigar Oasis unit through your PC, remotely via the Web or through the Cigar Oasis App on your Apple iPhone or Android
- Receive Email or Text Alerts for Low Humidity, Low Water & Battery Levels, Displays 3 Day Minimum, Maximum & Humidity Averages
Measures 13" W x 6 1/2" D x 6" H
Standard adapter included: 120VAC (240VAC compatible)
Each Magna 3.0 unit can maintain 1,000-5,000 cigars or between 10-60 cubic feet.
Cubic feet of your humidor can be calculated by multiplying (width in feet x depth in feet x height in feet) of your interior space.

Customer Reviews

Great product but confusing Review by Gmoney
Customer Service
The blower is awesome. Seems to do the job. Only complaint i have is that the instructions aren't all that intuitive. The humidity setting is easy enough to set (to a number), however adjusting is the problem as the U plus or minus doesn't really tell you what it's exactly doing so the actual humidity setting doesn't really match the setting you have it on. Still playing with it, good thing is its over humidifying rather then not enough so cigars are ok still while in there (Posted on 7/31/19)
Cigar ossis magna 2.0 Review by Mirzi
Customer Service
I'm truly happy with my purchase,it arrived quickly ,customer service is excellent.

The only quirk i have is before i purchased my cigar oasis magna 2.0 they said that you will find inside 1.beets 2.usb cable with power outlet 3.temprature control unit 4.auxiliry just kinda disappointed at my self for not looking where it says that the auxiliary fans are not included before my purchase,

Other than that little issue i would recommend.

thank you

Hi sir, I just wanted to note that the older version Cigar Oasis Magna came with fans. The newer, updated, easier to use model does not come with fans.
let me know if you have any questions about this Kaili 9549752499 (Posted on 8/16/17)
Excellent Review by memphis
Customer Service
Arrived quickly easy set up is doing a great job on my 4000 count humidor (Posted on 2/24/17)
As advertised Review by Mark
Customer Service
High quality, happy with my purchase (Posted on 11/3/16)
Does a great job. Review by Cgs
Customer Service
We had this unit in our other location and it has been reliable and running strong for two years. (Posted on 1/31/15)

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