Caring for Your Humidor 

You purchased a new humidor to ensure proper care for your favorite cigars and keep your collection in top-notch condition. However, this device is not impervious to wear and tear. Without regular humidor maintenance, you cannot expect it to work at its best and provide optimal storage for your cherished smokes.  


Seasoning Before First Use 

A true connoisseur who wants to keep their cigars fresh must season their humidor before using it for the first time. Humidors are usually made from premium wood, such as Spanish cedar, that absorbs moisture and releases it slowly to maintain the humidity level inside the humidor. 

Moreover, the wood will be dry when your humidor arrives at your home. However, as soon as you store cigars in it, the cedar will absorb their moisture. Seasoning your humidor with distilled water prevents the unit from removing moisture from your cigars.  


Cool and Dark Storage 

A humidor should have an internal temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it’s worth noting that the temperature outside affects the inside of the humidor. For this reason, placing your humidor away from direct sunlight and storing it in a cool, dark spot helps maintain the right temperature and ensures a good environment for storing cigars. 


Checking the Hygrometer 

The hygrometer in your humidor serves as a humidification system. You must check it weekly to ensure the relative humidity levels stay around 70%. If there is a problem, you will know if you need to replace or refill the humidification device with either distilled water or propylene glycol solution to keep your cigars in good condition. 


Humidor Maintenance 

Use a soft cloth to wipe the interior and eliminate dust or debris. Clean the bottle cap and other components that come in contact with your cigars. Since tap water may contain impurities affecting your cigars’ quality, use distilled water or a humidor solution for cleaning. 


Invest in the Best Humidor! 

If you want to enjoy your cigars for longer and keep them in pristine condition, invest in a high-quality humidor today and care for it.