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Large Humidors

Large Humidors

When storing your prized collection of cigars – be it for personal enjoyment or for sharing with friends on special occasions – a premium-quality big humidor is an absolute essential. Imagine having a humidor that keeps your cigars in perfect condition and adds a touch of elegance to your space. Look no further because you're about to explore the world of oversized humidors that redefine cigar storage.

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  • THE Broadway

    THE Broadway

    Item# BRDW

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    150 Cigar Birds Eye Mappa Wood Inlaid Large Cigar Humidor with Arch Style Top.
  • THE Carlton

    THE Carlton

    Item# CRLTN

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    100 Cigar Satin Black Humidor w/ Steel Banding Detail & Square Hygrometer
  • THE Santa Barbara

    THE Santa Barbara

    Item# STSON

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    150 Count Tobacco Leaf Inlaid Lacquer Humidor w/ Removable Tray & Lock Set
  • THE Rockefeller

    THE Rockefeller

    Item# RCKFLR

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    Store Up to Eleven Premium Cigars in a Built-In Partitioned Lid Cigar Holder
  • THE Windsor

    THE Windsor

    Item# LNDMK

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    300 Ct. Lacquer Cherry Large Humidor Chest w/ Drawers, FREE Lighter & Cutter.
  • THE Preston Bubinga

    THE Preston Bubinga

    Was: $135.00

    Now: $119.00

    Item# PRB

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    130 Cigar Humidor w/ a Lacquer Bubinga Wood Finish, Silver Pull & Lock & Key.
  • THE Preston Ebony

    THE Preston Ebony

    Item# PRE

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    130 Stogie Capacity Desktop High Gloss Ebony Humidor with Polished Hardware.
  • THE Vanderbilt

    THE Vanderbilt

    Item# VBLT

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    120 Cigar Contemporary Humidor w/ Matching Decorative Recessed Interior Plate
  • THE Genova

    THE Genova

    Item# BACS

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    200 Ct. 2-Tone Art Deco Humidor w/ Side Storage & Drawers. FREE Digital Hygrometer
  • THE Montpellier

    THE Montpellier

    Item# MTG

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    150 Count Studded Elm Wood Humidor Chest with External Hygrometer & Tray
  • THE Winchester

    THE Winchester

    Item# WCHST

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    180 Cigar Contemporary Unit w/ Lacquered Apple Tree Wood & Slotted Divider System
  • THE Chancellor

    THE Chancellor

    Item# CHNL

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    300 Count Beveled High Lacquer Glass Top Cigar Humidor with Unique Angled Facade
  • THE Volterra

    THE Volterra

    Item# ROOSV

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    250 Count Bar Top Acrylic Cigar Display w/ 3 Shelves, 6 Adjustable Dividers & Locking Door
  • THE Volterra Wood

    THE Volterra Wood

    Item# ROOSV/W

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    250 Ct. Table Top Acrylic & Wood Commercial Cigar Humidor w/ Locking Door
  • The Hampton (Black)

    The Hampton (Black)

    Item# HMPTN/BLK

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    200 Cigar Diamond Accented Leather & Lacquer Humidor w/ Hinged Upper Tray
  • The Hampton (Blue)

    The Hampton (Blue)

    Item# HMPTN/BLU

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    200 Cigar Diamond Detail Leather & Lacquer Humidor w/ Hinged Upper Tray
  • THE Chalons

    THE Chalons

    Item# CHRL

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    210 Ct. Desktop 7 Drawer Lacquer Big Humidor w/ Door & External Hygrometer
  • THE Salvatore

    THE Salvatore

    Item# SLVDR

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    250 Count Brazilian Rosewood Humidor w/ Twin Trays & Silver Digital Hygrometer
  • THE Baldwin

    THE Baldwin

    Item# BLDWN

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    150 Ct. Humidor w/ Slide & Lock Dividers & Storage Compartments for Accessories
  • Baldwin & Saint Lucia Ashtray Combo

    Baldwin & Saint Lucia Ashtray Combo


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    Contemporary Humidor w/ Slide & Lock Dividers & Ashtray
  • THE LemansGT

    THE LemansGT

    Item# LMNSGT

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    120 Count Humidor w/ Finger Print Biometric Lock & LED Lighting
  • THE Winston

    THE Winston

    Item# WLDF

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    150 Ct. Ultra-Sleek Arc Shaped Ebony Wood Lacquer Humidor w/ Silver Cigar Scissors
  • THE Clevelander

    THE Clevelander

    Item# CLVDR

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    250 Ct. Cigar Cooler w/ Temperature Control & Digital Hygrometer
  • THE Belmont

    THE Belmont

    Item# BLMNT

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    600 Cigar Free Standing Cabinet Humidor w/ Glass Door, 3 Huge Trays & Drawer
  • THE Marciano

    THE Marciano

    Item# MRCNO

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    250 Ct. Countertop Display with 3 Large Removable & Reversible Trays & 4 Glass Sides.
  • THE Manchester

    THE Manchester

    Item# MCHST

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    250 Ct. Black Bar Top Counter Display Humidors w/ 4 Drawers & Chrome Hardware
  • The Diamond Plate

    The Diamond Plate

    Item# DMDPLT

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    250 Cigar Showcase w/ Industrial Metal Diamond Plate Styling & Removable Acrylic Trays
  • Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray

    Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray

    Item# TRAY

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    Standalone Spanish Cedar Tray for Cigars
  • THE Bolivar

    THE Bolivar

    Item# SPRT

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    1000 Count Cigar Cabinet Humidor w/ 3 Large Removable Trays & 6 Humidifers
  • THE Santiano

    THE Santiano

    Item# SNTGO

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    700 Cigar End Table Humidor w/ Beveled Glass, 2 Cigar Drawers & Lower Storage
  • THE Lemans

    THE Lemans

    Item# BRBTS

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    2000 Ct. Cabinet Humidor w/ 6 Removable Trays & 12 Humidifiers.
  • THE Bateman

    THE Bateman

    Item# BRMDA

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    4000 Ct. Humidor Cigar Cabinet w/ 12 Trays, 24 Dividers & 24 Humidifiers
  • THE Billagio

    THE Billagio

    Item# STRG

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    4000 Ct. Cabinet Cigar Humidor w/ Crown Molding, Huge Cigar Tray & Lower Storage.
  • THE Redford Lite

    THE Redford Lite

    Item# RDFD/LT

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    1250 Ct Electronic Humidor Cabinet. Automatic Climate Control
  • THE Remington Lite

    THE Remington Lite

    Item# RMGTN/LT

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    2000 Ct Humidity Temperature Adjustable Cigar Cabinet.
  • THE Redford

    THE Redford

    Item# RDFD

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    1250 Ct Electronic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. Auto-Regulates Temp & Humidity
  • THE Redford Espresso

    THE Redford Espresso

    Item# RDFD/ESP

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    1250 Ct Electronic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. Auto-Regulates Temp & Humidity
  • THE Remington

    THE Remington

    Item# RMGTN

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    2000 Ct Electronic Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinet. Climate Adjustable.
  • THE Remington Espresso

    THE Remington Espresso

    Item# RMGTN/ESP

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    2000 Ct Electronic Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinet. Adjustable Climate.
  • THE Reagan

    THE Reagan

    Item# REAGN

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    4000 Ct Automatic Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinets w/ Digital Display

40 Item(s)

per page

Elevate Your Cigar Experience

Step into a realm of sophistication and functionality with our range of large humidors, meticulously designed to accommodate over 150 cigars. These oversized humidors are a testament to the fusion of form and function, offering ample storage and ensuring each cigar retains its flavor, aroma, and quality over time. Just like a fine wine cellar preserves the essence of grapes, our humidor preserves the nature of your cigars, ready to be savored at any moment.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

At Cigar Humidors Online, we pride ourselves on presenting a curated selection of exceptional humidors with precision construction and attention to detail. Each humidor is a work of art, crafted to perfection and designed to maintain an airtight seal that locks in the optimal humidity levels. This means you can trust your cigars to age gracefully, reaching their peak flavor profiles, whether you're indulging next week or next year.

An Array of Options: Your Signature Humidor Awaits

Just like a true aficionado seeks diversity in their cigar collection, our range of oversized humidors offers an array of options to suit your preferences. We understand your humidor isn't just a functional storage solution – it's an extension of your personal style and passion for cigars. That's why our collection boasts an unmatched variety of sizes, colors, and materials, ensuring you'll find the perfect match for your unique taste.

Variety in Sizes: Choose What Fits Your Collection

No two cigar collections are alike, so we offer a spectrum of sizes in our large humidors collection. Whether you're seeking a capacity for 150 cigars or more, you'll find an array of options that cater to your collection's size. From modestly sized humidors that fit seamlessly on a countertop to grander options that become a centerpiece in their own right, you can select the size that aligns with your storage requirements and available space.

Colors to Suit Your Aesthetic: Define Your Humidor's Look

We recognize your humidor's appearance reflects your individual aesthetic. Our collection spans a spectrum of colors, from rich, dark wood tones that exude classic elegance to lighter finishes that infuse a modern touch into your space. Whether you're partial to mahogany's timeless charm or glossy black's contemporary allure, you'll find the hue that resonates with your style and complements your surroundings.

Materials that Reflect Quality: Crafted for Longevity

The material of your humidor speaks volumes about its craftsmanship and longevity. Our selection includes humidors crafted from a variety of premium materials. From the traditional appeal of fine hardwoods to the sleekness of glass tops that allow you to admire your collection, each humidor is a testament to meticulous construction and premium quality. You can rest assured your cigars are in an environment designed to preserve their integrity while being encased in a vessel that reflects your discerning taste.

Beyond Storage – It's an Experience

Our large humidors are more than storage units; they are guardians of experience. Imagine opening the lid of your humidor and being greeted by the rich aroma of perfectly aged cigars. Imagine the sense of pride as you offer a guest their choice from an impressive collection. Our humidors maintain the ideal environment for your cigars and enhance the entire ritual of enjoying them.

Tailored to You

We understand cigar enthusiasts have diverse needs, so we offer a selection that caters to different preferences. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or just starting your cigar journey, our team is here to assist you in finding the perfect oversized humidor. Have questions about humidity levels, maintenance, or which humidor complements your lifestyle? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Do You Want to Know More About Our Big Humidors?

When you're seeking a humidor that harmonizes elegance, functionality, and capacity, look no further than our range of oversized humidors. Each one is an invitation to elevate your cigar journey, preserving the essence of your collection while advancing your appreciation of this timeless pleasure.

Does a big cigar humidor in this section suit your needs? If you have any specific questions regarding our big humidors, feel free to contact us .