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Medium Humidors

Medium Humidors

These humidors store between 50 and 150 cigars and can be set on virtually any piece of furniture. All medium humidors can be used as desktop cigar humidors and are appropriate for home or office use. Looking to entertain your guests, family, or friends? Our selection of medium cigar humidors provides ample storage and includes a humidifier and hygrometer so you can be confident knowing that your cigars are always kept in the right environment.

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  • THE Executive

    Two  spanish cedar humidors in cherry finish with adjustable divider, hygrometer and humidifier

    Item# EXCTV

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    50-75 Count Cherry Cigar Humidor w/ Free Quality Stainless Steel Guillotine Cigar Cutter
  • THE Bellevue 60

    Two humidors with dark mahogany wood exterior and lacquer finish one is open showing adjustable divider,gold humidifier and gold hygrometer

    Item# BLVUE60

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    50-60 Count High Lacquer Dark Mahogany Discount Cigar Humidor
  • THE Cigar Safe 40

    Two travel cigar humidors with four foam beds for ten cigars each, hard ABS exterior, carrying handle and snap-tight locking clips

    Was: $52.95

    Now: $46.95

    Item# CST40

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    This 40 Count Water & Crush Resistant ABS Humidor. Soft Rubber Handle & Release Valve
  • THE Bally

    Berkeley Glasstop Cigar Humidor

    Item# BRKLY

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    100 Count Glass Top Cigar Humidor with Removable Tray & External Hygrometer
  • THE Onyx

    Two black lacquer humidors one is closed the other one is open showing a  black humidifier and a black and silver hygrometer

    Item# ONYX

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    50 Count High Gloss Black Cigar Humidor with Routed Linear Motif & Silver Hardware
  • THE Michelangelo

    THE Michelangelo

    Was: $78.00

    Now: $72.00

    Item# MNTC

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    120 Count Cherry Desktop Humidor w/ Tray, Dividers, Side Handles & Lock & Key
  • THE Devonport Gift Set

    Two ebony wood humidors, one is open showing a humidifier, cigar scissors, ashtray, hygrometer and black leather cigar case.

    Item# DVPT

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    50 Count Ebony Wood Gift Set w/ Matching Ashtray, Cigar Case and Cigar Scissors.
  • THE Bally II

    THE Bally II

    Item# BRKLY2

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    100 Count Glasstop 2-Tone Lacquer Humidor with Tray and Black External Hygrometer.
  • THE Bally Digital

    THE Bally Digital

    Item# BRKLY/D

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    100 Cigar Glass Top Humidor with Tray and Gold Frame External Digital Hygrometer.
  • THE Delano

    THE Delano

    Item# DLNO

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    100 Cigar Black Contemporary Humidor w/ UV Reflective Glass & Chrome Plated Pull
  • THE Classic

    THE Classic

    Item# CESR

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    50 Ct Antique Humidor w/ Rustic Hardware & Tray. Includes FREE Solution & Lighter.
  • THE Valencia

    THE Valencia

    Item# VLNCA

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    120 Count Lacquer Humidor w/ Beveled Glass and an Oversized External Hygrometer
  • THE Laurence

    THE Laurence

    Item# LAURC

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    75 Ct. Acrylic Counter Display Case Humidor with 3 Storage Sections & Locking Door
  • THE Richmond

    THE Richmond

    Item# RGNT

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    75 Count Glass Top Cigar Humidor with 3 Cedar Drawers & External Hygrometer
  • THE Modina

    THE Modina

    Item# MDNA

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    100 Ct. Angled Countertop Display Humidor w/ Glass Top, Gold Pull & Lock & Key Set.
  • THE Broadway

    THE Broadway

    Item# BRDW

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    150 Cigar Birds Eye Mappa Wood Inlaid Large Cigar Humidor with Arch Style Top.
  • THE Presidential

    THE Presidential

    Item# AMB

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    Load up to 100 Stogies in this Handsome Inlaid Beveled Glass Top Cigar Humidor.
  • THE Santa Barbara

    THE Santa Barbara

    Item# STSON

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    150 Count Tobacco Leaf Inlaid Lacquer Humidor w/ Removable Tray & Lock Set
  • THE Carlton

    THE Carlton

    Item# CRLTN

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    100 Cigar Satin Black Humidor w/ Steel Banding Detail & Square Hygrometer
  • THE Dome Olmo

    THE Dome Olmo

    Item# NAPLI

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    75 Cigars Can Be Stored in this Dome Top Rich Lacquered Medium Cigar Humidor
  • THE Kensington Gift Set

    THE Kensington Gift Set

    Item# KGTN

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    75 Ct High End Gift Set Humidor w/ Matching Ashtray, Cigar Case & Guillotine Cutter
  • THE Milano

    THE Milano

    Item# MLNO

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    125 Cigar Humidor w/ 3 Angled Shelves & 4 Glass Sides. Perfect for Countertop Display.
  • THE Valencia Digital

    THE Valencia Digital

    Item# VLNCA/D

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    120 Ct. Lacquer Humidor w/ Beveled Glass & Sleek Digital Hygrometer w/ Calibration
  • THE Portofino

    THE Portofino

    Item# PTFNO

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    100 Cigar Contemporary Tinted Glass Unit w/ Multicolored Digital Humidity Gauge
  • THE Rockefeller

    THE Rockefeller

    Was: $105.00

    Now: $99.95

    Item# RCKFLR

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    Store Up to Eleven Premium Cigars in a Built-In Partitioned Lid Cigar Holder
  • THE Preston Bubinga

    THE Preston Bubinga

    Item# PRB

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    130 Cigar Humidor w/ a Lacquer Bubinga Wood Finish, Silver Pull & Lock & Key.
  • THE Preston Ebony

    THE Preston Ebony

    Item# PRE

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    130 Stogie Capacity Desktop High Gloss Ebony Humidor with Polished Hardware.
  • THE Verona

    THE Verona

    Item# FRKLN

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    150 Count Acrylic Commercial Humidor Display w/ 6 Storage Sections & Door
  • THE Verona Wood

    THE Verona Wood

    Item# FRKLN/W

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    150 Ct. Acrylic & Wood Counter Top Humidor w/ 6 Storage Bins & Locking Door
  • THE Vanderbilt

    THE Vanderbilt

    Was: $158.00

    Now: $145.00

    Item# VBLT

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    120 Cigar Contemporary Humidor w/ Matching Decorative Recessed Interior Plate
  • THE Dakota

    THE Dakota

    Item# DKKTA

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    120 Count Full Black High Gloss Humidor with Humidifier Panel & Cigar Scissors
  • THE Montpellier

    THE Montpellier

    Item# MTG

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    150 Count Studded Elm Wood Humidor Chest with External Hygrometer & Tray
  • THE Winchester

    THE Winchester

    Item# WCHST

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    180 Cigar Contemporary Unit w/ Lacquered Apple Tree Wood & Slotted Divider System
  • THE Winston

    THE Winston

    Item# WLDF

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    150 Ct. Ultra-Sleek Arc Shaped Ebony Wood Lacquer Humidor w/ Silver Cigar Scissors
  • THE LemansGT

    THE LemansGT

    Item# LMNSGT

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    120 Count Humidor w/ Finger Print Biometric Lock & LED Lighting

35 Item(s)

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