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Humidor Package Deals

Humidor Package Deals

Looking for a deal on cigar humidor packages coupled together with some smoking accessories? Each of these humidors in this section include accessories like ashtrays, lighters, cigar cutters, hygrometers, tubes and more. Pick up a package deal with one of these humidor combos and save a few bucks!

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  • Travel Case w/Cutter & Bazooka Combo

    Travel Case w/Cutter & Bazooka Combo

    Was: $49.90

    Now: $39.99


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    Black Leather Folding 3 Cigar Case w/ Bazooka Torch
  • Baldwin & Saint Lucia Ashtray Combo

    Baldwin & Saint Lucia Ashtray Combo


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    Contemporary Humidor w/ Slide & Lock Dividers & Ashtray
  • THE Cannabis Cachet Humidor

    THE Cannabis Cachet Humidor

    Item# CNBSCHE

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    Cannabis Storage Solution w/ 4 (3 oz) Glass Jars w/ Adjustable Ventilated Tops
  • THE Monarch

    THE Monarch

    Item# DUKE

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    25-50 Count Etched Design Cigar Humidor w/ Free Stainless Steel Guillotine Cigar Cutter
  • THE Executive

    THE Executive

    Item# EXCTV

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    50-75 Count Cherry Cigar Humidor w/ Free Quality Stainless Steel Guillotine Cigar Cutter
  • THE Diplomat Gift Set

    THE Diplomat Gift Set

    Item# DIPLMT

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    40 Count Cigar Humidor with Matching Ashtray, Cigar Case & Guillotine Cigar Cutter.
  • THE Novelist

    THE Novelist

    Item# NVLST

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    5-10 Ct. Brown Leather Travel Book Gift Set with Cutter, Humidifier & Hygrometer
  • THE Devonport Gift Set

    THE Devonport Gift Set

    Item# DVPT

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    50 Count Ebony Wood Gift Set w/ Matching Ashtray, Cigar Case and Cigar Scissors.
  • THE Sovereign Gift Set

    THE Sovereign Gift Set

    Item# SOVRN

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    50 Count 2-Tone Beveled Glass Gift Set Humidor with Tray, Divider & Ashtray
  • THE Classic

    THE Classic

    Item# CESR

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    50 Ct Antique Humidor w/ Rustic Hardware & Tray. Includes FREE Solution & Lighter.
  • THE GatorBack (Black)

    THE GatorBack (Black)

    Was: $89.00

    Now: $69.99

    Item# ALG/BLK

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    25 Count Black Gator Design Leather Gift Set with Cigar Case, Cutter & Humi-Tube.
  • THE GatorBack (Brown)

    THE GatorBack (Brown)

    Item# ALG/BRN

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    25 Ct. Brown Discount Humidor Gift Set with Matching Leather Smoking Accessories
  • THE Kensington Gift Set

    THE Kensington Gift Set

    Item# KGTN

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    75 Ct High End Gift Set Humidor w/ Matching Ashtray, Cigar Case & Guillotine Cutter
  • THE Windsor

    THE Windsor

    Item# LNDMK

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    300 Ct. Lacquer Cherry Large Humidor Chest w/ Drawers, FREE Lighter & Cutter.
  • THE Genova

    THE Genova

    Item# BACS

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    200 Ct. 2-Tone Art Deco Humidor w/ Side Storage & Drawers. FREE Digital Hygrometer

15 Item(s)

per page