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Cabinet Humidors

Cabinet Humidors

From 600 to 4000 cigars, our range of cigar cabinet humidors will suit both small and large collections of cigars. With a variety of options, cigar smokers in addition to large-scale cigar shops and retail stores can easily find the right cigar cabinets for their needs. Looking for humidor cabinets to place in personal smoking rooms, hotel lounges, clubs, or point of sale locations? We got you covered! If you have any questions in regards to our line of cabinet humidors, please feel free to contact us.

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  • THE Belmont

    THE Belmont

    Item# BLMNT

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    600 Cigar Free Standing Cabinet Humidor w/ Glass Door, 3 Huge Trays & Drawer
  • THE Bolivar

    THE Bolivar

    Item# SPRT

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    1000 Count Cigar Cabinet Humidor w/ 3 Large Removable Trays & 6 Humidifers
  • THE Santiano

    THE Santiano

    Item# SNTGO

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    700 Cigar End Table Humidor w/ Beveled Glass, 2 Cigar Drawers & Lower Storage
  • THE Lemans

    THE Lemans

    Item# BRBTS

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    2000 Ct. Cabinet Humidor w/ 6 Removable Trays & 12 Humidifiers.
  • THE Bateman

    THE Bateman

    Item# BRMDA

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    4000 Ct. Humidor Cigar Cabinet w/ 12 Trays, 24 Dividers & 24 Humidifiers
  • THE Billagio

    THE Billagio

    Item# STRG

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    4000 Ct. Cabinet Cigar Humidor w/ Crown Molding, Huge Cigar Tray & Lower Storage.
  • The Redford Lite

    The Redford Lite

    Item# RDFD/LT

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    1250 Ct Electronic Humidor Cabinet. Automatic Climate Control
  • Redford Lite (Custom Finishes)

    Redford Lite (Custom Finishes)

    Item# RDFD/LT_C

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    1250 Ct Custom Finish Cigar Humidor Cabinet with Climate Control
  • THE Redford Espresso

    THE Redford Espresso

    Item# RDFD/ESP

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    1250 Ct Electronic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. Auto-Regulates Temp & Humidity
  • THE Redford

    THE Redford

    Item# RDFD

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    1250 Ct Electronic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. Auto-Regulates Temp & Humidity
  • THE Remington Lite

    THE Remington Lite

    Item# RMGTN/LT

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    2000 Ct Humidity Temperature Adjustable Cigar Cabinet.
  • Remington Lite (Custom Finishes)

    Remington Lite (Custom Finishes)

    Item# RMGTN/LT_C

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    2000 Ct Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet (Custom Finish)
  • THE Remington Espresso

    THE Remington Espresso

    Item# RMGTN/ESP

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    2000 Ct Electronic Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinet. Adjustable Climate.
  • THE Remington

    THE Remington

    Item# RMGTN

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    2000 Ct Electronic Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinet. Climate Adjustable.
  • THE Reagan

    THE Reagan

    Item# REAGN

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    4000 Ct Automatic Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinets w/ Digital Display

15 Item(s)

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Our entire line of cabinet cigar humidors, end table humidors and electronic climate controlled units combine design with authentic cedar to provide the perfect place for storing oversized quantities of cigars. We offer a variety of high quality, low priced cigar humidor cabinets including end tables and furniture humidors for commercial as well as personal use.

A humidor cabinet is normally a piece of furniture where cigar smokers store large quantities of cigars. With the right features, your cigar cabinet humidor will maintain the proper humidity. There are huge varieties of humidor enclosure cabinets priced from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Options range from personal free-standing sizes to very large double wide cabinets lined up side by side that span across entire rooms. The following are two key parts to look for when purchasing a cigar cabinet:

A Proper Seal
A good seal is a key part of a well-made cabinet. If the seal is not solid, humidity can escape and in turn your cigars will dry out. The seal can be tested when the doors of a cabinet are closed. When the doors are closed on a well-made cabinet, you will hear a slight whoosh of air forced out from the interior of the cabinet. This is a good sign that your unit has a good seal.

Spanish Cedar Interior
Regardless of what material the outside of the humidor furniture is made of, the inside should be lined with Spanish cedar. This wood works well in humid conditions because of its ability to absorb moisture without warping. Spanish cedar also deters tobacco beetles which are the death knell of cigars. Cigar beetles can destroy an entire collection of cigars in days.

Why are Bigger Cigar Cabinets Better?

Your enclosure should be larger than the quantity of cigars you plan to store inside of it. Here is why: It is important to have ample room for air circulation. One should not overload a cabinet with cigars crammed inside from top to bottom. Packing your storage spaces with stacks of cigar boxes and sticks crammed from end to end do not give your humidor enough space for air to circulate humidified air around your cigars. A well balanced distribution of humidity throughout the cabinet will help keep climate stable. Keep in mind large ring gauge cigars and longer sticks like Toros, Robustos and Churchills will take up more space than thinner ring gauge cigars and types like Lanceros, Coronas and Lonsdales. Lastly, as your collection grows over time, you will already have extra space. Keep in mind, it’s always better to have the extra space and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

Oversized cigar humidor cabinets are hand made furniture that are used to store large quantities of cigars. They are available in different styles and designs and take the form of cabinets or tables.

Cabinet humidors are mostly found in cigar shops and smoking bars, but are also can be found in private homes. Many cigar cabinets found in people’s homes take the form of a free standing unit set up against a wall. These humidors usually hold a large number of cigars in comparison to smaller sized units. Many of them are able to hold up to 5000 cigars and usually start at the 1000 count.

Looking for a Cabinet for Cigars?

Some are available as coffee tables that open to contain a large storage space. These are very useful when space is a concern, because you can store your cigars and at the same time place items on the table such as a drink or a laptop computer. Most furniture style humidor cabinets can hold between a few hundred to a few thousand cigars, and often include different sized Spanish cedar drawers and trays. They also have glass doors so one can easily view the cigars inside.

Since cigar collections are expensive, it is a good idea to make sure your cigar cabinet comes with a lock and key to prevent theft. Since the humidity level is affected every time the door is opened, keeping it locked can also help make sure it stays sealed even when you’re not there to watch it. If someone asks to see your collection and opens the humidor but does not close it completely your cigars can be ruined. This is something you will not need to worry about if your humidor cabinet is under lock and key.