Cuban Cigars and US Legality

In the United States, Cuban cigars are now legal when it comes to bringing the cigars into the country or traveling abroad. While the cigars can be brought into the country, they cannot be bought or sold in the United States. If you enjoy Cuban cigars, it is important to know the legalities involved to ensure you are acting accordingly, avoiding any fines or penalties.

Bringing Cuban Cigars into the United States

According to the current laws, Cuban cigars can be brought into the United States for personal consumption. Individuals are not allowed to bring the cigars into the states for resale. There are also custom regulations that travelers must be aware of. No more than 100 cigars can be brought back from any one single trip.

In the past, regulations were in place that restricted Americans from buying or smoking Cuban cigars when traveling abroad. That ban has now been lifted. Cubans are often found in Canada and Mexico, which is not a long flight for US citizens. Be aware, there is a problem with counterfeit cuban cigars for sale. Tourists need to be sure the cigars they are purchasing are from a reputable cigar store instead of a street vendor.