Get Ready to Roll in Style! 

Buckle up and get ready to cruise in style with the one and only Remington electric cabinet humidor by the makers of the best cigar cabinet humidors – Prestige Import Group. Unlike your grandpa’s humidor cabinet, this top-notch cigar storage unit will have you feeling like the alpha cigar supreme you truly are. Since its electronic wizardry embodies the power of modernity, your precious stogies will not lose their flavor to the elements.  

This electronic humidor made of Spanish cedar wood boasts precision cooling, heating, and an electronic humidification system that you can control with ease. Bid farewell to old-school, non-climate-controlled humidor cabinets of the past. It is time to step up your cigar game with electrifying force. 


Automated Humidity Control 

Gone are the days when a cigar enthusiast monitored their old-fashioned “sponge” humidifier systems daily to ensure optimal humidity levels. Today’s sophisticated elevate their luxurious indulgence with cedar-lined cigar cabinet humidors featuring a built-in humidity calibration system you can adjust through its digital control panel.  

The Remington cigar humidor cabinet keeps your cigars fresh while you revel in the hands-free power you deserve. Not to mention its clever shelf features cooling, which adds an extra touch of class to your cigar storage. 


Temperature Adjustments 

Keeping your prized smokes at the ideal temperature is easy with Remington’s smooth touch-and-go control panel. Once you set it in that sweet spot between 65 to 68 degrees, your cigars will rest in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the aromatic embrace of the Spanish cedar interior. It is the pinnacle of class and style, tailored to keep your cigars cool, even in scorching conditions. 

Moreover, Remington’s heavy-duty seal operates like a beast, guarding your cigars against cigar beetles with the strength and tenacity of a warrior. No compromises, no leaks – just pure unyielding protection. 


Cigar Preservation at Its Finest! 

The Remington electronic humidor is a must-have for cigar connoisseurs and owners of cigar shops alike. Contact 1st Class Cigar Humidors to start riding in its glory.