Go Electronic Already! Get in the Driver's Seat & Take Control of Your Cigars

Having the luxury of owning a climate controlled cigar cabinet ensures that your cigar collection will be properly preserved at a specific temperature and relative humidity level. The Remington cigar cabinet humidor by Prestige Import Group has electronic capabilities providing for precise cooling, heating and user controlled humidification. These features provide an unlimited combination of user-controlled combinations to allow for the best environment for your cigars far beyond that of a traditional (non-climate controlled) humidor.

Auto Humidity Control

One aspect of The Remington that makes the electronic cigar cabinet so appealing is its auto humidity control. It can be hard to keep a ‘sponge’ style humidifier in check and oftentimes, such cigar cabinets will run dry if you are not monitoring humidity levels daily. With the Remington's electronic cigar preservation system, you have the automatic humidity controls in place so that you do not have to constantly keep tabs on your cigars. Everything is handled automatically for you - hands-free and is as easy as 1-2-3.

Temperature Adjustments at Your Finger Tips

Optimal temperature for cigars is 65-68 degrees.  Dialing in the Remington to your desired "cigar perfect" temperature is a snap with its touch-and-go control panel.  Just dial in your desired temperature setting and the systems handle the rest.  Keeping your cigars in just the right environment has never been easier.

For additional details on the this Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet, take a look at the Remington Cigar Cabinet product page.