Cigar Accessory Essentials

If you have developed a love for cigars and are becoming an avid smoker, you will begin to notice that there are accessories you can purchase and need to enjoy your new hobby. There is an assortment of accessories available on the market today, so you may find it difficult to know what you need and what each tool will provide. Below is a short list to help you get started collecting the accessories you need for your stogies.

Cigar Humidor

One of the most important accessories you can add to your collection is a humidor. A humidor will be used to store your cigars. You have the ability to set the humidity levels, keeping them around 70%, to help retain the flavor and freshness of your cigars. A hygrometer will be included in the humidor so that you can keep track of humidity levels.


When a cigar is made, they are fully wrapped. The cigar must be cut at the end for the smoke to be pulled through. To do this, you will need a cutter. There are several variations of cutters you can choose from, including tabletop cutters and guillotine cutters. Finding the right style for your preference will assist in enjoying your cigars.


If you like to travel and carry your cigars with your, a case will be needed. Cases are small to medium in size and allow you to carry a set number of cigars with you. Cases can have a cedar lining to assist with freshness.

These are just a few examples of the top accessories you can use with your cigars. Consider your personal preference when smoking to have the right tools and accessories on hand to enjoy this past time.