Step into the realm of cigar lovers, where sophistication, refinement, and masculinity converge. What better way to embark on this journey than buying a cigar humidor – an iconic symbol of cigar enthusiasts worldwide? 


It is important to note that smoking a cigar is not merely a pastime – it is an expression of personal style, a celebration of craftsmanship, and a testament to the mastery of the senses. To truly embody the essence of coolness, class, and unadulterated swagger, you must master the art of cigar etiquette. 


What You Should Know Before You Buy a Cigar Humidor 


What Is a Humidor? 

A humidor is a specially designed storage container or cabinet that provides the ideal environment for storing cigars. Its primary purpose is maintaining a consistent humidity level to preserve the cigars’ quality, flavor, and aroma over an extended period. It is typically constructed with airtight seals to prevent moisture from escaping and to keep the humidity levels stable. 

Humidors are usually made of high-quality materials, such as wood, which can absorb and release moisture to maintain optimal humidity levels. Moreover, Spanish cedar is popular due to its natural ability to regulate humidity and impart a pleasant aroma to the stored cigars. 

Cigar humidors come in different sizes and designs, ranging from small travel humidors to large cabinets that can store hundreds or even thousands of cigars. They can be simple and functional or intricately crafted works of art, reflecting the owner’s personal style and preferences. 


What’s Inside a Humidor? 

Inside a cigar humidor, you will find a humidification system consisting of a humidifier or moisture-retaining devices such as beads or gel. The humidification system releases moisture gradually, creating a controlled and stable environment that mimics the ideal conditions for cigars.  

A device called a hygrometer is also an integral part of a cigar humidor because it measures humidity levels. It allows you to monitor and adjust the humidity level as needed, ensuring the cigars remain in the optimal humidity range, that’s typically around 65% to 75% relative humidity. 

Having a humidor is essential if you want to maintain your cigars’ quality and aging potential. It ensures that cigars are stored in optimal conditions, preserving their flavors, aromas, and overall smoking experience. 


Why You Should Master Cigar Etiquette 

Mastering the art of cigar etiquette is an absolute must to embody the essence of an aficionado. It is not enough to possess a collection of fine cigars – you must also have the knowledge, finesse, and style to handle them with the utmost respect. Once you master this vital pursuit, you will exude coolness, class, and machismo. 


  • Command Respect and Admiration 

As a cigar enthusiast, you demand respect from fellow enthusiasts and those who bear witness to your cigar rituals. Since mastering cigar etiquette showcases your sophistication and attention to detail, it sets you apart as an aficionado of the highest order. Others will look to you as a guiding light, eager to learn from your expertise and follow in your stylish footsteps. 


  • Preserve Your Cigars’ Integrity 

Fine cigars are not mere commodities – they are works of art crafted by skilled artisans. You ensure that these prized possessions remain in pristine condition by mastering cigar etiquette.  

Your knowledge of proper handling, storage, and maintenance guarantees that your premium cigars age gracefully. Show the world that you are a custodian of perfection, dedicated to persevering each of your cigar’s essence. 


  • Elevate Your Smoking Experience 

A true macho aficionado knows that smoking a cigar is an immersive experience that engages all the senses. Mastering cigar etiquette allows you to unlock the full potential of each smoke.  

Unless you understand how to cut, light, and smoke a cigar properly, you will not be able to savor the rich flavors and intoxicating aromas that leave an indelible impression on your palate. Take your smoking experience to new heights, and let every puff be a testament to your refined taste. 


  • Demonstrate Confidence and Mastery 

Cigar etiquette is more than a set of rules. It is a reflection of your character and self-assurance. When you handle a cigar with finesse, cut it precisely, and light it with a purpose to exude an aura of confidence and mastery.  

Others will be drawn to your presence, captivated by your macho magnetism and the undeniable allure that accompanies your cigar rituals. Let your actions speak louder than words and showcase your authority in the world of cigars. 


  • Engage in Camaraderie and Bonding 

Cigar smoking has a long history of fostering camaraderie and bonding among enthusiasts. Mastering cigar etiquette allows you to connect with fellow aficionados on a deeper level.  

Whether engaging in discussions about cigar origins, sharing recommendations, or simply enjoying a smoke together, your knowledge and adherence to etiquette will be appreciated and respected. Experience the sense of community that comes with the cigar lifestyle and forge lasting connections with like-minded individuals. 


Cigar Etiquette 101 



In these dos of cigar etiquette, you will find the very essence of your existence as an aficionado. With each action, you elevate yourself, embodying the cool, the classy, and the macho. Stand tall, embrace the art, and let the world bear witness to the embodiment of cigar excellence that resides within you. 


  • DO Ask for Permission 

Asking for permission is an essential aspect of cigar etiquette when it comes to handling someone’s cigars or entering their personal humidor. It is a sign of respect, an acknowledgment of his personal space, and a nod to their carefully curated collection that speaks volumes about their taste and style. 

You stand before the humidor, exuding an air of sophistication and confidence. You look them in the eye, a glint of respect shining from your own. With a voice that carries a touch of rugged charm, you request permission to enter their sanctuary of fine cigars. You understand the weight of the request, knowing that their collection is more than mere tobacco leaves – it is a reflection of their character and passion. 

Should they grant you access, you must tread with utmost care and reverence, like a skilled artisan handling a fragile masterpiece. You delicately touch the cigars, mindful of their exquisite construction. You resist the urge to squeeze or bend them because you understand that these cigars are meticulously stored for moments of blissful indulgence. 


  • DO Store Cigars Properly 

Storing cigars properly is the mark of someone who understands the importance of preserving quality and flavor. If you are a proud owner of a humidor, ensure that you maintain the appropriate humidity and temperature levels.  

This creates the perfect environment for your prized cigars to age gracefully, like a fine wine maturing in the cellar. Treat your cigars with the respect they deserve because they are symbols of our discerning taste and refined character. 


  • DO Handle Cigars with Care 

Embrace your inner sophisticated self each time you handle a cigar. Cradle it delicately in your fingers, treating it as a precious gem demanding utmost care. Avoid squeezing or bending it like a novice.  

Remember, a person of stature understands that these meticulously crafted tobacco creations are meant to be savored, admired, and appreciated in their pristine condition. 


  • DO Use a Cigar Cutter 

A cigar cutter is an indispensable tool in your arsenal of cigar essentials. A true aficionado wields the proper cigar cutter or punches with the precision of a surgeon.  

Before indulging in the pleasure of smoking, execute a clean and precise cut to remove the cap. Avoid crude actions, such as biting or tearing, because these befit those who lack the finesse and taste that comes naturally to someone of distinction. 


  • DO Light the Cigar Correctly 

When it is time to ignite your chosen cigar, you must ignite in style. Embrace the elegance of a wooden matchstick, the precision of a butane lighter, or the fierce power of a torch lighter.  

Eschew the common cigarette lighter because its inferior flame can taint the purity of your cigar’s essence. Set your cigar ablaze with purpose, appreciating the dance of flame as it delicately awakens the hidden flavors within. 


  • DO Puff and Rotate 

As you savor each puff of your cigar, channel your inner savoir-faire and let the coolness of your demeanor shine through. Gently draw the smoke into your mouth, holding it captive for a moment, caressing your palate with its complex notes.  

A true lady or gentleman does not succumb to the temptation of inhaling because they understand that cigars are meant to be enjoyed on the tongue, not in the lungs. Rotate the cigar between your fingers to ensure an even burn that illuminates the night like a beacon of unyielding masculinity. 



Cigar etiquette is primarily about respect and consideration for others. For this reason, a person of class knows how to avoid the pitfalls of boorish behavior while maintaining a courteous atmosphere for those around them.  


  • DON’T Ash Everywhere 

You must exercise restraint and decorum when it comes to ash. Avoid unleashing a cascade of ash upon the world. Since ash must be handled with care, reserve your ashing for appropriate locations 

Seek solace in an ashtray, a sanctuary for the fallen remnants of your indulgence. Tap it off gently as the ash reaches its limit, avoiding unnecessary commotion or disruption. Let the ash fall naturally and gracefully, honoring the sanctity of the moment without leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.  


  • DON’T Relight a Cold Cigar 

Resist the urge to relight a cigar that has gone cold. A cigar is like someone who requires a moment of respite. Since a cold cigar bears the potential for bitterness and an encounter with unwelcome flavors, grant it the dignity to cool before reigniting the flame and relishing the smoothness of the experience. 


  • DON’T Oversmoke a Cigar 

A true connoisseur never succumbs to the vice of over-smoking because they know the value of savoring each moment. It is best to smoke at a relaxed pace, allowing the cigar to unveil its nuances with every measured draw.  

Avoid the trap of excessive heat and bitterness that over-smoking may bring. If you feel the time has come to part ways with your cigar, let it rest, knowing you can relight the flame at a later date if the desire strikes you.  


  • DON’T Pass an Unlit Cigar 

When offering a cigar to another, ensure it bears the fire of life before passing it along. Offering an unlit cigar neglects the right of courtesy. Such a grievous act is an insult to tradition and a slight upon your reputation.  

Igniting the fire within the cigar before extending it to another is a gesture of camaraderie, a symbol of shared enjoyment, and a testament to your understanding of the customs that bind the connoisseurs of the leaf. 


  • DON’T Tap or Knock Ash Unnecessarily 

As the ash delicately builds upon your cigar, resist the urge to tap or knock it unnecessarily. Let it gracefully rest, allowing the ash to find its own path. Only intervene when necessary, such as when the length becomes precarious, or the stability is compromised.  

With a gentle tap, guide the ash’s descent, honoring its journey as it falls into the designated receptacle, an offering of respect to the world around you. Such is the mark of someone who knows when to act and when to let nature take its course. 


  • DON’T Critique Others’ Choices 

Opinions may vary, preferences diverge, and each person’s taste is a unique expression of his individuality. For this reason, remember to tread lightly upon the paths of critique. Refrain from critiquing or commenting negatively on others’ cigars or smoking styles. A true gentleman or lady celebrates the diversity and richness of the cigar world, understanding that it is a tapestry woven with personal experiences and cultivated palates. 


Do You Plan to Buy a Cigar Humidor? 

Incorporating proper cigar etiquette into your routine will enhance your personal enjoyment while showing respect for the time-honored traditions surrounding this pastime.  

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