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Find Your Favorite Cigar in 5 Easy Steps


Cigars on DisplayStep 1: Determine Strength. The categories include mild, medium, and full body. If you are a new smoker, you might want to start mild and the go up from there. It is important to find this out first because many of the subsequent considerations are based on this one. If you buy a mild cigar the intensity and flavor may be too mild for you, but a full body may be too overwhelming. In this case a medium strength cigar would be best for you. Access our cigar section and select the appropriate cigar strength based on your preference.  


Cigars on DisplayStep 2:
Determine Flavor.
There are an almost infinite number of cigar flavor blends. Some of the popular flavor types are: spicy, earthy, peppery, and sweet. Typically classifications for cigar flavors range from bland (flat or no flavor) hints, overtones, decidedly, rich (or full), and massive (or gushing).

Cigars in a RowStep 3:
Determine Size.
Conveniently, the length and gauge of a cigar is often dictated by the cigar flavor and strength. This means that once you have settled steps 1 and 2, most of your work for step 3 is already complete. That is, larger cigars are typically milder and smaller cigars are often more potent. Smaller cigars (stronger) also usually offer a more flavor-rich experience where larger cigars (milder) offer a flavorful experience but one that is more balanced and simple. And, of course, a larger cigar will offer a longer smoking experience and a shorter cigar a more brief smoking experience.

Cigars in SpainStep 4:
Determine Draw.
Once you have selected your cigar based on strength, flavor, and size - you need to determine if it has a good "draw" or not. Draw is simply a term for the ease with which you can puff a cigar. Finer cigars have an easier draw, cheaper cigars have a harder draw. You should not have to waste your lung power taking in the tobacco smoke, but rather conversing with your friends over a first-rate cigar instead.

Cigars UnwrappedStep 5:
Determine Price.
In an ideal world, only steps 1-4 would be required for picking out the cigar of your dreams. But, in the real world, you are going to have to find a balance between what cigar best suits your palette and what doesn't break the bank. One good piece of advice in this realm is that if you buy a box of cigars rather than just one at a time of a brand you really like, you might be able to reduce the per cigar cost significantly. You can also trade cigars with friends as gifts, so that for every cigar you buy you are essentially getting one free, plus you're pleasing your smoking buddies.


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All these steps in selecting your favorite cigar can be simplified further by utilizing our Cigar Search page. Find discount cigars based on Price, Brand, Length, Country of Origin, Strength & Wrapper Color.