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Water Pillows (10 Pack)

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Product Description

This space saving humidifier could very well be the best thing that has ever happened to your cigars! Each Water Pillow is set inside a ventilated zip lock pouch and is packed with water absorbing crystals and charged with distilled water. Pre-charged and ready to use! Simply place the entire zip lock pouch as shown above into your humidor or travel case for a quick and easy humidification solution. These also work wonderfully when placed into our point-of-sale Zip Lock Cigar Bags (perfect for cigar retailers).  After a sale, simply place the customer's cigars into a Zip Lock Cigar Bag, toss in a single Water Pillow and seal! Cigars are kept at the ideal humidity level right in a carry away bag!  Re-soak in distilled water as needed. Good for several several re-fills. 1 Pillow per 5 Cigars. Water Pillows are available in packs of 10. Need more? Buy a few and save a little - buy a bunch and save a bundle! Buy 70 Water Pillows (Seven 10 packs), get a free counter display as shown.


Water Pillows Measure 2.25" x 2" in Size
Contains Expanding Gel Crystals
Will Not Leak Onto Your Cigars
Maintains Up to 5 Cigars per Pillow
Regulates Humidity to 70%
Perfect for use with our Retail Zip Lock Cigar Bags

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